It’s Looking Up!

One day, while on a walk, my mind was turning over thoughts, like rocks being polished in a tumbler. Repetitious thoughts, creating a lot of noise in the head that distracted from being Present. They were kind of a downer, too. Then, I realized I was looking down at the ground while all this thinking was … More It’s Looking Up!

Sexy by Nature

Artist Robert Mapplethorpe observed that flowers are the sexual organs of a plant, therefore naturally sexy. I don’t recall where I saw the quote. Mapplethorpe is enjoying a resurgence of appreciation. People have forgotten, or are too young to remember, the controversy over the sexuality of his photographs. Interesting that humans respond to flowers with emotional arousal as flowers are meant for insects … More Sexy by Nature

Who Do You Love

The Circle of Love is growing. Up until recently, family and friends have been the primary component of our circle. Physical beings we could sniff and touch, take walks, share snacks or a nap with. Now, thanks to the virtual community, facebook primarily, our world is expanding to include friends of friends and family, and even friends of friends … More Who Do You Love

Social Media Magic

There is a revolution going on in marketing and public relations. The theater of engagement is social media. The star of the show is Storytelling, whose magic is worked via the various platforms, facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, ad infinitum. Coca cola, with 86 million followers and fans, is an example of successful storytelling across multiple social media platforms. They recently … More Social Media Magic

Visual Storytelling

People have been telling stories visually since they found images could be drawn on a cave wall. This evolved to painting and drawing on other surfaces, to processing images on film via photography, then cinematography, now digitally. A photograph used to be documentary evidence of a reality. That truth is kept alive via photojournalism. However, with the … More Visual Storytelling