Good Dogs Doing Good / An Inspiring Story About Living with Loss

Geri’s oldest of three sons, Jett, took his own life in 2015. In doing this video I’ve discovered that many families have suffered the trauma of suicide, mine included.

Love and support from family, friends, and a good dog, has helped Geri to soldier on with life. She is one of the most remarkable people I’ve met. Though still living with the grief associated with this loss, she is positive in outlook, giving and loving to all she meets, and embraces life with a determination to be happy.

This is the first installment in an ongoing series, Good Dogs Doing Good. It’s about dogs who help make the world a better place. When I first met Geri she mysteriously told me her dog, Olive, helped save her life. Then I found out how. I knew her story must be told, to inspire and give hope to others suffering with personal loss.

I also wanted to give recognition to those creatures, four legged and furry, forever devoted and unconditionally loving, whose companionship give aid and comfort to us in our trek through life.

We’ll be featuring a variety of dogs, such as therapy, service, law enforcement, and other dogs that do good.

And, yes, that’s Mr. Sammy, therapy dog, bringing a little bit of his love to Geri and Olive.

March 28: I am including a link to, a fellow WordPress blog. Debbie, curator of this blog, has created a feature called, Forgiving Fridays, where readers are encouraged to share their stories of finding forgiveness, for themselves and others. The March 24 Forgiving Fridays topic was, Letting Go of the Past. As we learn in this video, this has been important for Geri. It doesn’t mean forgetting her son, but for her own well being, and that of the family left behind, reaching a level of understanding that allows for a process of letting go of the pain. It isn’t easy. She will tell you that it is still difficult, and an ongoing journey for the whole family.


10 thoughts on “Good Dogs Doing Good / An Inspiring Story About Living with Loss

  1. Oh my God, Rebecca. Thank you for making me aware of Geri and Olive’s story. I’ve put them on a prayer list that folks can use to send love and blessings for situations, people, etc.

    This is a magnificent contribution for Forgiving Fridays. You have a significant gift at inspirational video, and sharing the wisdom that comes with an open heart.

    Love and Light, Debbie ❤

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      1. You are so welcome, Rebecca. Let me know if you have questions re: how to do a “pingback” to the Forgiving Fridays post. ❤ Thank you again for sharing. Blessings, Debbie


  2. This is a beautiful story, Geri definitely inspired me. I hope she continues to find peace and joy in her life everyday.
    Thank you Rebecca!

    Also, I have to ask – Rebecca do you have an account on I have a very close cousin match with an RGSherman, could this be you? Thanks, Marion B.


  3. Oh, Beck, what a lovely piece. Makes me yearn to get up there, and also to just get on with things past the job and all. I am so pround to know you, and I love your work!

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