Motivation Creation

It’s been a year since my last post. Over that time I contemplated why. It wasn’t a lack of ideas, I get ideas all the time, filling notebooks, scribbling on scraps of paper. I took lots of notes, but I wasn’t taking action. A big stumbling block for a lot of us. Professional motivators make … More Motivation Creation

Manners Matter, Part 2: Sam and the Mouse

I did a post about respect and responsibility, Manners Matter, which included a video, Good Behavior, featuring Sam.  One segment, Tolerate, was about Sam meeting a mouse on the beach. People asked about the amazing wizarding powers involved in not only capturing the mouse and persuading it to sit with Sam, but, in preventing Sam from devouring the … More Manners Matter, Part 2: Sam and the Mouse

Manners Matter

These days, when it seems people are more divided than ever, respect and responsibility toward others matters. Mr. Sammy learned early on that cooperation and tolerance creates a happy life. Leadership involves showing others the way with your own good behavior via mentoring and motivating. This is an assignment for my Media 145 class, to … More Manners Matter

Good Dogs Doing Good / An Inspiring Story About Living with Loss

Geri’s oldest of three sons, Jett, took his own life in 2015. In doing this video I’ve discovered that many families have suffered the trauma of suicide, mine included. Love and support from family, friends, and a good dog, has helped Geri to soldier on with life. She is one of the most remarkable people I’ve … More Good Dogs Doing Good / An Inspiring Story About Living with Loss

It’s Looking Up!

One day, while on a walk, my mind was turning over thoughts, like rocks being polished in a tumbler. Repetitious thoughts, creating a lot of noise in the head that distracted from being Present. They were kind of a downer, too. Then, I realized I was looking down at the ground while all this thinking was … More It’s Looking Up!

Who Do You Love

The Circle of Love is growing. Up until recently, family and friends have been the primary component of our circle. Physical beings we could sniff and touch, take walks, share snacks or a nap with. Now, thanks to the virtual community, facebook primarily, our world is expanding to include friends of friends and family, and even friends of friends … More Who Do You Love