Birds in the Sky and the Creative Process

This is an assignment for my Media 115 class, an introductory video class, as I continue my pursuit of a multi media degree.

Our task was to create a short video based on a theme. At first I had the idea of combining images of Buddhas and other religious icons that would culminate in a shot of my cat’s face (what’s more Buddha like than a meditating cat?). However, I couldn’t quite get it satisfactorily together in my mind’s eye. I was trying to force it, to bend the creative process to my will.

As I perused my photo collection I changed my direction to a theme based on reflections. I have plenty of photos of various kinds of reflections.

As I put this together, I found myself bored by it. Pretty and interesting images, but, I didn’t feel the emotion of a story. I decided to search for appropriate music, thinking this would inspire me. It did. To do something completely different.

For me, the music is as important as the visuals. The two work in harmony (pun intended). The right, or wrong, music can make or break the viewing experience.

When I heard Mowe’s “Birds in the Sky”, I knew exactly what to do. I love the twists and turns of the creative process. It came together quickly. It seems like a poem almost. To those inspiring creatures of winged flight. Who live in the sky.

Black and white of Canadian geese in flight
© RG Sherman / Canada Geese

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