Creativity in Motion

This assignment for my Media 115 class, Introductory Video, was to create five ten second videos using various basic techniques in combination with different concepts. I love storytelling and relished the challenge to tell a story in ten seconds.

I used Adobe Premiere Pro, a Canon G15 and various locations around the Olympic Peninsula.

My dog, Sam, graciously agreed to demonstrate.

Zooming and Panning

We begin with basic zooming and panning of a still shot, popularly known as the “Ken Burns” effect, along with the concept of Memories. Sam has many pleasant beach memories. This is a simple effect, but takes practice to implement properly.


Here we use a Bokeh effect to highlight the concept of Dreaming. Bokeh is the blurring of light effects in the background, usually seen as round halos of light, most often produced with a long focal length lens.

This isn’t typical bokeh as the lights aren’t blurred as much as usual for bokeh, aren’t round and I didn’t use a long focal length. When I went back to re-shoot to obtain that traditional look, I lost the beautiful starry effect I was so taken with. So, I made the creative decision to leave it as is.

Lens Flare

Combine lens flare with Wonder. Sam appreciates a wonderful day of sunshine and a gorgeous view. He knows he’s a lucky dog.

I created a real lens flare, rather than manufacture an artificial one using Effects in Premiere Pro.

Color Pass

Color Pass is a technique whereby a single color is used. The point was to use color choice to convey Emotion.

A 5 lb cat stopping an 80 lb dog is a demonstration of amazing wizarding power. No dog wants to risk a face shredding from such an awesome foe.

A very emotional situation indeed.

Time Lapse

Combine Creativity with Time Lapse. I’ve been using my dog, Sam, in each video, for a sense of cohesiveness. How does a dog display creativity?

Turns out, Sam is a pretty creative guy and knows how to spell his name. The music by Moby scores the frenetic pace perfectly.

I had to learn new skills to do this. Using Adobe Premiere Pro I utilized cropping, blending modes, stacking and reverse speed.

I laid out the dog biscuits on the pavement, forming each letter, then invited Sam in to munch. I videoed each letter separately so that Sam would eat in the proper order. Reverse speed created the effect of him laying out the letters. I then cropped and stacked them on the timeline, and used Overlay blending mode so as to create the full name, Sam.

Sam couldn’t quite finish all the biscuits so a few remained when we began the ‘M’.

No dinner!

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