Rialto Beach
©RGSherman / Rialto Beach

I’m RG Sherman, a freelance photographer and designer living in the Pacific Northwest, where the marine environment and coastal lifestyle are a primary influence. Wild Rover Travels is what I call ‘Travelography’, a combination of photography, writing and travel.

I began with film photography, shooting racing and exotic automobiles. I had some crazy adventures and awesome serendipity doing that, as often happens when you are doing what you love.

Blue 356 Porsche with number one on it
©RGSherman / Monterey Historic Car Races, Laguna Seca, California


My dog Sam, an English Pointer
©RGSherman / Beach lover Sam


Now, my dog Sam and I roam the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. We have plans to widen our ramblings to destinations beyond. I’ll be writing about dog friendly things to do and places to go, plus Sam’s experiences as a certified Therapy Dog, where he brings love to those in need. Find out about Sam’s Circle of Love.

We also have ambitions for an ongoing column where we spotlight individual Good Dogs Doing Good Things, such as therapy dogs and service dogs, law enforcement canine officers, and others.




RG Sherman, girl explorer
RGSherman / Girl Adventurer

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