Unleash the Power of Joy


The best kind of power is free and requires little effort, at least physically.

People might think money and influence are needed to wield power. Or, that having lots of money gives you the power of getting anything you want. The satisfaction of desires. But, I think the most effective power is Joy. You could call it Bliss or Happiness. Where mind, body and spirit are unified, transcendent of circumstance.

In his book, Anatomy of an Illness, Norman Cousins describes meeting Pablo Casals, one of the greatest cello players and composers of all time. Pablo was nearly 90, consumed by arthritis and emphysema. His every movement racked by pain. However, when he sat down at the piano to play, a great transformation happened before Norman’s eyes. Pablo’s body released itself from the contortions of stiff joints, hands unfurled from the claws of arthritis, and he began to play. His fingers danced along the keys with suppleness and grace, no trace of debilitating disease.

When he got up, he stood straight and moved with ease, had a satisfying breakfast and went for a walk. Healed by the power of Joy. Which lingers.

I see this in Sam, who is an elder now. A little slower, a little stiffer. But, when we get near a beach or head out on a walk, everything changes. His eyes light up, his body loosens. Heart opens, spirit soars. Feeling the power of Joy.

Upon our return home, Sam’s gait resumes it’s stiffer, slower pace. If we’ve driven to our destination I have to lift him into the Jeep. But, the healing effects linger. Though time is spent licking sore joints and muscles, he appears satisfied with his life. Sleep is deeper, snoring is louder, and dreams are probably better.

Remembering that moment of Immortality. Of Joy.


Sam runs through the water
©RG Sherman / Release the Power!


3 thoughts on “Unleash the Power of Joy

  1. RG this blew me out of the water. Thank you.
    I’m a minister in an alternative spiritual group, and the first line of my blessing is “Spirit places a blessing of great joy.” It serves me well and keeps me attuned to a positive (and fun!) direction.
    So many blessings to you xo

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