Manners Matter, Part 2: Sam and the Mouse

I did a post about respect and responsibility, Manners Matter, which included a video, Good Behavior, featuring Sam.  One segment, Tolerate, was about Sam meeting a mouse on the beach. People asked about the amazing wizarding powers involved in not only capturing the mouse and persuading it to sit with Sam, but, in preventing Sam from devouring the … More Manners Matter, Part 2: Sam and the Mouse

Visual Storytelling

People have been telling stories visually since they found images could be drawn on a cave wall. This evolved to painting and drawing on other surfaces, to processing images on film via photography, then cinematography, now digitally. A photograph used to be documentary evidence of a reality. That truth is kept alive via photojournalism. However, with the … More Visual Storytelling


Is the cross a brand? In reading about what is generally considered the Christian cross I find that it’s use was rare prior to the fourth century. Then, Constantine the Great, Roman emperor from 306 to 337, implemented it as a symbol for his army, replacing the eagle that was the standard for the Roman … More Branded