Who Do You Love

w lil dude
©RG Sherman / Sam

The Circle of Love is growing. Up until recently, family and friends have been the primary component of our circle. Physical beings we could sniff and touch, take walks, share snacks or a nap with. Now, thanks to the virtual community, facebook primarily, our world is expanding to include friends of friends and family, and even friends of friends of friends, some from very far away.

They are our sounding board, beta testers, focus group. Opinions asked for. Valuable opinions given. Shaping our progress through virtual life. When our work as therapy dog takes off our world will expand even more as we embrace new friends by visiting care facilities, hospitals and schools. Groups, organizations and business of all kinds joining in, seeing the value of sharing the love.

And if you look at it, you’ll see that the circle is always growing, like a pebble tossed into the water, ripples expanding ever outward. If you touch one, you touch all. If I reach out to you, and you reach out to another, and they reach out, and so on, pretty soon, we’re all connected. It’s easy, just extend your hand.

Friendship cr
by Nina Friendship

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