Social Media Call to Action

Sam mentors a young dog at the beach
©RG Sherman

Calling All Dogs

Social media is quite effective for calls to action. It has been instrumental in many political revolutions and upheavals around the world. I’m getting acquainted with social media via a class at the local college. My dog Sam will be using these platforms to share his journey as a therapy dog.

Messages of the moment or about upcoming events will be conveyed via twitter or instagram,  while facebook and this blog will relay images and longer stories about our experiences with charity work, the facilities we visit and people we meet. We’re hoping families can connect via Sam’s facebook page, communicating with elder relatives that don’t use or understand social media. We also plan on supporting animal welfare, especially locally, and will be using twitter and facebook to announce and follow this work.

Sam is a natural for a therapy dog. He is a Good Dog. The world needs good dogs. Dogs give love unconditionally. We can always use more of that. Sam is calling all dogs and their humans to understand what it is to be a Good Dog. That way more dogs can spread the love.

Dogs naturally want to be part of the team. They just need to know the rules. Sam learned that it pays to know the rules and now he mentors other dogs, but, also, dogs learn from their human. Most of us are familiar with Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, who seems to mostly be training the human. Dogs just follow their human’s lead.

Here are some basic Good Dog Rules that Sam has learned:



Follow Sam’s journey as he spreads the love:

Follow Sam on facebook.

4 thoughts on “Social Media Call to Action

  1. Oh RGS this is wonderful! Sam sounds like a wonderful therapy dog, and I love the guidelines to live by. 🙂 I hope his service is going wonderfully on Facebook, instagram, etc. Blessings your way.


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