Sexy by Nature

©RG Sherman / Pink mum

Artist Robert Mapplethorpe observed that flowers are the sexual organs of a plant, therefore naturally sexy. I don’t recall where I saw the quote. Mapplethorpe is enjoying a resurgence of appreciation. People have forgotten, or are too young to remember, the controversy over the sexuality of his photographs.

Interesting that humans respond to flowers with emotional arousal as flowers are meant for insects and other pollinators. These creatures experience the flower via color and scent. Humans respond to a flower’s color, form and symmetry, much like they do when looking at each other.


bee in flower cropped
©RG Sherman / Pollination in progress


Scent is important, too. I inhale deeply of the aromas of my flowers, especially my Antique Rose. It’s the only rose the deer won’t eat, and I think it’s because of the heavily pronounced scent. This rose is so aromatic it’s intoxicating, much like the heady experience of one’s first true love.


Old World Rose v2
©RG Sherman / My Antique rose


Roses bred in modern times have no scent. These roses have been genetically meddled with by humans to survive shipping and handling, and so are bred for longevity and sturdiness. Along the way that beautiful aroma was lost.


Rosebud 2
©RG Sherman / GM Rose / Sexy, but no scent


Humans like to meddle with things. Genetically modified foods are suspect to a lot of people. Science tells us there is no nutritional difference. However, could something else be lost, or rendered different, that science doesn’t know about, yet?

This brings up the question, “What is the nature of life?” I am reminded of the Transporter from Star Trek, which re-arranged one’s molecules. Doctor McCoy used to worry about something getting lost in that process, too.


©RG Sherman / Star Power


The issue with GMOs isn’t nutritional, though, it’s chemical. GM seeds are resistant to glyphosate, an herbicide, so other plants die, crops don’t. The use of this chemical has skyrocketed. The US FDA hasn’t tested for glyphosate residue in food or human tissue, but has plans to start. Other governments and agencies have done tests with controversial results.

Glyphosate is used with other ingredients, called ‘inert’, to enhance performance.  While glyphosate may, or may not, be dangerous, it turns out that the so called ‘inert’ ingredients aren’t so inert. They’ve been busy doing things. Like killing human cells, especially embryonic. One of the world’s most popular herbicides for control of ‘weeds’ is Roundup, used by homeowners and others, which contains glyphosate and it’s associated inert ingredients.


dandelion cropped
©RG Sherman / Pretty, but not wanted


Humans like to do because they can, instead of if they should. Sometimes without regard for, or knowledge of, consequences. There’s a word for this.


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