Visiting the Olympic Peninsula

Lovers on the beach at Kalaloch
©RG Sherman / Pacific coast beaches

This is a journal of my travels photographing and writing about the Olympic Peninsula and surrounding Puget Sound area. I want to help people considering a visit learn about this environmentally and culturally diverse area. My dog Sam is a constant companion. If you travel with a dog you can find out about dog friendly activities and places.

USE EN Totem Dense
©RG Sherman / Tribal culture

What would you like to know more about if you were planning a trip to the Olympic peninsula? For instance, you might wonder about recreational activities, restaurants, b&b’s, local farms or Tribal events. If you’ve been here, or already live here, what is your favorite spot or activity?

lavender butterfly
©RG Sherman / Sequim Lavender Festival

Your comments will aid me in knowing what people are interested in learning about and seeing. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Visiting the Olympic Peninsula

    1. Olympic National Forest manages three cabins situated in or near the forest near hiking trails. Visit this site for more info:

      If you like beach walking you’ll for sure want to visit Kalaloch, forty minutes south of Forks (of Twilight fame), on the pacific ocean. It’s not a town, it’s a campground, lodge and cabins within the national park system (dogs are allowed on the beach). The cabins are quite nice with kitchens and wood stoves, and sit on a low bluff overlooking the ocean. Lots of trails along the miles of sandy beach. The lodge offers good food, from local sources, often organic. Ruby beach is just a few minutes away, and about twenty minutes away is the Hoh Rainforest.

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ll be sharing photos and info about the many trails in Olympic forest, wilderness and park areas in this blog.

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  1. I’m interested in horseback riding activities in this area. Can one rent a horse and ride on the beach or mountains? Are there horse camping sites if you trailer in your own horses?

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    1. Hi Kelly, horse back riding trails are plentiful on the Olympic Peninsula. Within the National Forest are several camps and many trails:

      The National Park has 365 miles of trails and a number of camps:

      A privately owned horse camp has opened up in Sequim, offering access to many trails on State forest land, and is within minutes of Miller Peninsula State Park which offers miles of trails and some beach access:

      On the west side of the peninsula in Forks is Rain Forest Horse Rides which offers rentals and interpretive guided tours, small groups, $50 -$155, depending on destination:

      There is no beach access for horses within the national park along the pacific coastline, however, at the very southwest end of the peninsula at Ocean Shores there are three horse rental companies that offer riding on the beach. Ocean Shores is known for it’s long stretch of beach, very popular with tourists.

      Thanks for the great question!

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      1. Thanks for the info. It seems there are many options to enjoy this beautiful area, whether it is by land or sea–on foot, by horse, or by boat!

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