While researching global citizen issues for my media web class, the word ‘globalopathy’ occurred to me and I googled it to see if it was a legitimate word.  Indeed, it is. “Brain “globalopathies” cause mental disorders.” Title of a paper published by Avi Peled, M.D., Clinical Assistant Professor, Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel … More Globalopathy


Is the cross a brand? In reading about what is generally considered the Christian cross I find that it’s use was rare prior to the fourth century. Then, Constantine the Great, Roman emperor from 306 to 337, implemented it as a symbol for his army, replacing the eagle that was the standard for the Roman … More Branded

Surveillance Sickness

This is how I imagine surveillance sickness.  Maybe it will become part of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, something I actually used to read when I was a kid and wanted to become a psychiatrist.  I’m cured of that now, but I may be suffering from the above titled disease.  Included in … More Surveillance Sickness

Getting Steamy

From the website: “STEAM provides an avenue for formally teaching the inter-relationships of how subjects relate in real-life. STEAM-style education can be enjoyably and meaningfully delivered in more engaging and deeply embedding ways within the already well-established realm of education. STEAM is a substantiated, economical and sociologically adaptable as a framework by which to … More Getting Steamy