Running With Dogs, Part 2

German Shepard runs around the ring
©RGSherman /  This Shepard has only one foot on the ground.

Having completed the Therapy Dog test on Saturday, Sam and I returned the next day to the Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club’s annual dog show, sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, in Sequim, Washington. There were a total of 700 entries, from all around the country. The dogs first compete against others of the same breed, then the winners square off in group competitions in a specific category – working, terrier, sporting, toy, hound, non-sporting and herding. These winners go up against each other for Best in Show. Dogs are specifically judged on their conformation, appearance and structure that will ensure offspring of show quality.

Not only were there show dogs being judged on their physical perfection, others were judged on obedience and rally skills. I had a few of my own awards to hand out…

Most In Need of a Comb Out

Hands down this went to the Afghans. They were totally pretty, in a Farrah Fawcett kinda way, and so I took lots of pictures of them.

Is there a dog in there?
©RGSherman / Is there a dog in there?
There's Oliver!
©RGSherman / It’s Gwich’In Snazzy Sir Oliver.

Afghans must also be judged on their conformation (how can you see it?). This youngster, Betty Boop Doveny, not quite 9 months old, is learning the ropes of competition…

Young Afghan
©RGSherman / How to stand properly…
Judging young Afghan
©RGSherman / …and await judgement.

Afghans that’ve done this before…


Sometimes the human displayed fine form, also…

Man takes Afghan Oliver back to judge
©RGSherman / Give this man a ribbon!


Price Paid for Beauty

Suffering for beauty
©RGSherman / Whose idea of perfection?


Most in Want of a Snack

English Pointer
©RGSherman / Coralwood Kanix No Cry’in In Baseball, Best of Breed, English Pointer, Supermodel Edition.

Most in Need of Less Snacks

(No photo available)

Not to name names, but I indicated my dog Sam, saying that he was an English Pointer, also.

“They do come in all shapes and sizes,” the winning Pointer’s handler said, diplomatically.

It was a very civilized event.

He wasn’t an entrant anyway.

Small, but Mighty

Padre had his game face on.

©RGSherman / Jack Russell Terrier, Lyrical’s Preachin’ to the Choir, aka Padre. Best in Group, Terrier, & Reserve Best in Show.


Crowd Favorite

also, Best Dental Plan, Best Acceptance Speech, Nice Hair Award (rivals the Afghans)



Rush Hills Drama’Geddon, Winner, Best in Sporting Group. I thought this Golden Retriever was also the crowd favorite. This dog exuded health and vitality, and a certain joie de vivre that the crowd responded to. I heard many in the audience exclaim, “Excellent! Beautiful!” amidst gasps and intakes of breath.  “Nice coat!”

Yes, the Afghans had glamour with their dramatic, romantic, wind ruffled hair, Rumi quotations floating in the breeze.

This retriever had hair, too, shiny, lustrous and well behaved hair. The kind of hair shampoo commercials pay money for. Fresh off the seashore in Nantucket, clean and bursting with fresh air and salt breeze American hair. No nonsense, consider it done Yankee know-how and happy while doing it hair.

So, let’s throw in, Healthy and Happy Award.

I think that’s the best award of all.

Bounce a Quarter off this!

Doberman, winner Best in Show
©RGSherman / Excelsia’s This Side of Paradise, Doberman, Best in Show. Tight!

Next time…

And so next year we’ll be back and actually know that we are going to a dog show. We thought we were just going to Therapy Dog trials, not knowing it was in conjunction with this fine event.

Not sure we’ll be able to take Mr. Sammy, though. Turns out, AKC rules disallow non-show dogs to be at the event.

With all the dogs around, we went unnoticed.

Of course, it was sorta like a well behaved Jack Black mingling on the runway with models during New York Fashion Week. No one attempted to throw us out however, so chances are good we’ll be back.

Lose a few pounds, create a fancy name…Siskiyou Sampans Roguish Dude…who knows?


©RGSherman / Stylist!


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