Mr. Sammy's Circle of Love

Mr. Sammy’s Circle of Love

The world needs a good dog, and that’s Sam.

Currently working a project called ‘Mr. Sammy’s Circle of Love’. Sam is my dog, an English Pointer. Many a person has said, “Oh, I don’t like dogs,” or, “My dog doesn’t like dogs.” That changes when they meet Sam.

Mr. Sammy unabashedly gives love, and no one can resist. He has a lot of love to share and has a very therapeutic effect on dogs and humans alike. He has hundreds of friends and has mentored many young dogs in need of guidance on how to be a good dog. The world needs good dogs. They are an excellent example of unconditional love. Sams has plans to become certified to spread the love with elders, children and anyone else in need of some love.

I will be photographing this ‘Circle of Love’, as Sam makes new friends and hangs out with current ones. Photos, video and comments will be posted on my blog , as well as Sam’s social media pages on facebook, twitter, pinterest and youtube.

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